Sistemas de Superfície para Perfuração e Completação de Poços

Há cem anos, a Vetco Gray vem sendo líder mundial no fornecimento de produtos confiáveis, inovadores e de excelente relação custo-benefício para a indústria upstream de petróleo.

Brazilian Pipeline Community I

Brazil has the potential to export world class technology and services. For this to happen, an export culture needs to be cultivated. Part of this culture is a single source of technical material that focuses on Brazil while including the wider international observers. This supplement ‘The Brazilian Pipeline Community’ is a channel for companies, both oil and service to share expertise with the wider export market.

Brazilian Pipeline Community II

This Pipeline technology field report highlights a truly fascinating and visionary array of oil and gas pipeline-related technologies. Fascinating not only because of the diversity of the technology, but also due to the complex nature of each technological development program.

Petrobras Well Technology

Petrobras’ ‘roadmap’ for realising top performance, Propoco emphasizes extensive planning, best practices and information sharing as the way forward. Consequently, it applies ‘thresholds’ or minimal requirements and ‘benchmarks’ or standards for projects, personnel, wells and documents. By propagating best practices it promotes efficiency.

75 Years Anniversary

Throughout its 75-year history, Saudi Aramco has always relied upon the judicious guidance of the rulers of Saudi Arabia. In turn, the Kings have laced their trust in Saudi Aramco to derive the maximum benefi t from the country’s rich natural resources for the people of Saudi Arabia. Together, the ingdom and its national petroleum enterprise, Saudi Aramco, have met the challenges posed by boom times and lean times alike, and their shared  history is a success story of progress, development and transformation.